"Taza’s knowledge, technique, sensitivity, and focus on my unique needs resulted in my escaping the chronic pain I had suffered for years. I continue to trust her with maintenance, and she has helped me overcome each new challenge I face. Taza is a superior Therapist, and a lovely human being to whom I assign my highest recommendation." —Larry F.

"I first met Taza when she was teaching at a local massage and shiatsu school. She was observing a student working on me and took the time to show them how the proper technique should be done. The difference in quality of touch and hands on experience between the student and teacher was so dramatic and impressive I knew I only wanted to see her from that point on. I am a road bicyclist who had surgery following a break in the distal end of my clavicle years ago. Taza's outstanding treatments contributed to a remarkable and full recovery of my arm's range of motion. She intuitively understood the need to holistically address my body and delivered quality therapy to areas impacted by the surgery, addressing the underlying adhesions of a nearly frozen shoulder. I recovered better than 95% of those who undergo the surgery. Last week I seriously tweaked my back and was certain I would not be riding in this year's El Tour de Tucson. I was unable to stand upright and had immense pain in most every position. I went to Taza, explained my situation, and completely trusted her to do what she does so well, which is to listen to and assess the work needed by the body in ways that help activate and deeply heal the underlying issues. After the session, I was happy to feel no pain and was able to walk freely. She advised I take it easy the next day and then said she thought I'd be able to ride in the event and complete the 75 mile course. Two days after the massage, well rested and optimistic, I rose before the sun, stretched my body, meditated and then mounted my bicycle and started to ride. And to my astonishment, I was riding strong and pain-free. I kept waiting to feel the twinge of pain from my tweaked lower back but instead my body delivered a strong performance and now, two days after the event I still feel better than I ever thought I could. I highly endorse and recommend Taza as one of Tucson's finest and gifted massage therapists." —Geo M.

"I will never forget my vision in yesterday's massage hour... Suddenly I was back lying on the dark gray blue ice and snow at the foot of Mollie's and Steve's front steps in North Carolina, in trauma after a force out of nowhere (alias ICE) had flung me a zillion miles an hour from the top step of the porch and slammed me down against the snow and ice covered concrete at the foot of the steps, knocking me out cold. In my massage vision, I opened my eyes and saw Taza there, kneeling above me in the snow, surrounded by a white and gold light and the classic Tucson blue sky above her head. Taza was concentrating deeply to minister healing like a warm, life-giving sun angel. Thank you, Taza, for generously sharing your amazing abilities." —Susan T.

"Testimonial! I have enjoyed the benefits of going to Taza for massage for over 15 years. She continues to learn and grow and I have benefited from the experience she brings to each session. Recently I have become a fan of her Jin Shin Jyutsu. I developed sensory Guillain Barre (which is weird enough as it is), but a side effect of the altered innervation to my muscles, resulted in intense and painful cramping in my upper leg muscles and butt. My neurologist would not prescribe anything and I was in distress. The cramping was starting to affect my balance. Taza started with massage and ended with Jin Shin, and completely removed the cramping. In one session! It was fabulous to say the least. I am a fan for life. Have returned for other Jin Shin treatments, and while not as dramatic (neither were the symptoms), were just as wonderful." —Donna R.

"I've been seeing Taza for pre natal massage and she is a miracle worker! She is one of only a few massage therapists in town to have a prenatal support system for her table making massage extremely comfortable for a growing belly! After recommendations from my doctor and chiropractor to see Taza regularly to help with disabling sciatica pain I have my mobility back and the pain is gone! I have consistently seen her throughout my pregnancy and now at 37 weeks can thank her for keeping me free of back pain and swelling! Not only are her massages emotionally and physically relaxing, but truly therapeutic. I couldn't recommend her more!" —Michelle N.

"I have had the joy of receiving regular bodywork from Taza for a few years now. She always provides the exact depth of work I need in a space that allows me to forget about the world for just the right amount of time. I always look forward to this reprieve from the rigors of fatherhood, school, and work knowing that it is as necessary as it is enjoyable. TazMassage has helped to keep me a more balanced person both physically and mentally." —Joe V.

"I've been seeing Taza for several years for pain control of a torn rotator cuff--and I find her to be a bundle of superlatives! She's a creative and excellent massage artist, using many techniques to redirect the different ways our chi has managed to contort itself. Taza is also loving, open, positive and funny as heck. And she has CHOCOLATE! Give yourself some relief--you deserve Taza!" —Salle H.

"When I go to Taza I get just the body and mind relaxation I need because of her skills and intuitional gifts for healing. When I leave her, she offers one or more mindfulness practices to help make the restorative effects last longer--if I remember to use them. She also provides great reading suggestions and yummy dark chocolate treats...what more does one need? I highly recommend you give the gift of love and surrender to yourself and make an appointment today." —Cate B.